Dec. 27th, 2018


Dec. 27th, 2018 07:14 am
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We had a good xmas. We had one out of town friend come to stay and we went out in a group for our traditional Christmas eve sushi on Monday night, then looked at some lights on the way home, then watched a movie. Christmas Day we had two more out of town friends come in for lunch/dinner. We got a late start (which for us is after 7 am) so we didn't have time to do presents or stockings before I had to start cooking.

I was more organized this year about what I needed help with, and the same two friends had helped me last year, so they knew what to do this time. We also were a lot more organized about cleaning the used pans and bowls etc and getting them dried and put away while the cooking was going on, so it was a lot easier for me to concentrate and find places to put things. We had paprika marinated roast leg of lamb with mint sauce and gravy, crock pot thyme potatoes, collard greens with bacon, garlic, and shallots, popovers, stuffed mushrooms, and pickled cucumbers. I made everything except the desserts, which were two pies my husband made the day before and a Yule Log cake friends brought from L'Madeliene in Houston. (Photos on Twitter:

We ate about 2:30 - 3:00 and then just hung out for the rest of the day. Yesterday I went back to work and actually got a nice section done on the Murderbot novel. I've had a lot of anxiety for about the past month, which is causing physical symptoms like acid reflux, and the writing is like taking out my own kidney with a spoon. So it was nice to have a day where it actually went pretty well.

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