Apr. 25th, 2018

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Here's an excerpt from the beginning of The Murderbot Diaries: Rogue Protocol, the third Murderbot Diaries novella from Tor.com. I've removed the most spoilery paragraph from this excerpt, but it's still on the version posted on my web site.

Preorder information is on my web site here: http://www.marthawells.com/murderbot3.htm

It comes out August 7 in ebook, hardcover, and audiobook.

The Murderbot Diaries: Artificial Condition, the second Murderbot novella, will be out May 8. (Preorder info here: http://www.marthawells.com/murderbot2.htm) If you want a signed hardcover, you can order one from Murder by the Book in Houston before my signing there on May 12 https://www.murderbooks.com/event/martha-wells


I have the worst luck with bot-driven transports.

The first one had let me stow away in exchange for my collection of media files, with no ulterior motives, and had been so focused on its function that there had been hardly more communication between us than you’d have with a hauler bot. For the duration of the trip I had been alone with my media storage, just the way I like it. It had spoiled me into thinking all bot transports would be like that.

Then there was this transport.

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