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I had a great time on Saturday at ApolloCon, and in lieu of a more substantial post, here's some links:

Novelocity: Jeannette Kathleen Cheney talks about Nicholas Valiarde as part of an article on paternal figures.

Great review of Stories of the Raksura vol II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below on Roqoo Depot. They give it five out of five metal bikinis!

And a review of Stories of the Raksura vol I at Fantasy Cafe.

There's a fundraiser to film a prequel to Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl in the Ring

New story collection The Fox's Tower and Other Tales by Yoon Ha Lee

Great review of
In Midnight's Silence by T. Frohock which is out today.

SF Signal: Tansy Rayner Roberts on Fantasy, Female Writers & The Politics of Influence
There’s this odd sort of conversation that keeps circling the internet, and it usually starts with a question. Where are all the women, in epic fantasy? Where are the female authors? Why is it all so dominated by men?

As Australians we tended to bat our eyelids in confusion, because the idea of commercial fantasy authors being a mostly male species is completely alien to us – for the last twenty years, our conversation, our publishing scene, has been rich with female authors of influence. Successful, bestselling female fantasy authors. If anything, the big name male fantasy author has been the rare special snowflake.

But this isn’t just a cultural issue. It’s not the case that US publishing only recently discovered that ladies can write about dragons too. Whenever someone asks, where are all the women, I’m not just confused because I’m an Australian.

Because, seriously. They were here a minute ago. Why can’t you see them?

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