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The weather was unexpectedly cool this weekend (cloudy and in the low 80s as opposed to the low 90s), so it was great for going out and doing stuff. A friend came in from out of town and we watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD, since she had never seen it. (It's my fourth time to see it and it's still awesome.) On Saturday morning we went up to campus so she could see the One Hundred Years Hence: SF and Fantasy at Texas A&M University exhibit.

So I could show her this:

Because that's never going to get old for me. (The other photos are in this post here.)

Then we went out to the Antique Rose Emporium, where everything was in bloom, and it was incredibly gorgeous. Tonight, we're going out to see Iron Man 2.

link: Why Writer Beware Doesn't Provide Publisher Recommendations (Plus Some Advice)
That's not to say there aren't still literary agent scams (there are), or amateur "agents" attempting to break into the business without any vestige of publishing industry knowledge or contacts (sadly, there are still plenty of these). But new ones aren't popping up every couple of weeks, the way they once did. Nowadays, Writer Beware receives far more reports and complaints about questionable publishers.

Because so many people are trying self-publishing, there's a big industry now to scam those people or just sell them crap they don't need. (Like Publish America Auctioning off tickets to Book Expo America Tickets that you can buy for yourself for a flat $140.) Finding out as much as you can about how publishing actually works is the best defense.
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