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Let's see. Things that are definite: there will be four Murderbot Diaries novellas, and it looks like at least two of them, Artificial Condition and Rogue Protocol will come out next year, the first on May 8 and the second in August 7. (They're starting to show up for preorder in bits and pieces, but only at a couple of places so far.)

It looks like both Murderbot 2 and 3 will be released in hardcover, which the publisher is doing so they can get them into more bookstores. There will of course still be ebooks and audiobooks.

Artificial Condition is done except for the final proof, which I need to read and return to the publisher soon, and Rogue Protocol is finished and I'm doing a little revision before it goes on to the copyedit stage. I'm finishing up the first draft of the fourth story, which has the tentative title of Exit Strategy. I think that's it.


As far as the hurricane goes, we came through fine here, and I've caulked the leaky window. We don't have mail service yet, but we did get a garbage pick-up today, so that was good.
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