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Here's some answers to a few of frequently asked questions about the Murderbot Diaries series:

1) Length:

The series is a novella series. It's put out by (, an SF/F imprint under Tor Books, that specializes in novellas ( which are works between 20,000 and 40,000 words.

The word counts are:

All Systems Red: 31468
Artificial Condition: 32422
Rogue Protocol: 35204
Exit Strategy: 35811

There was some question about whether the series would be eligible for the Best Series Hugo category next year. Which no, it won't be, as the word count total of 134,905 is too low. (I think the minimum for Best Series is 240,000 something.)

(If you don't speak word count, by comparison The Cloud Roads was 127,731 and The Harbors of the Sun was 146,162.)

2) Are all bot/human constructs with intact governor modules as conscious of their situation as Murderbot? Sadly, yes. Ratthi isn't exaggerating when he says "The practice is disgusting, it's horrible, it's slavery." This is what happens when corporations get to do whatever they want.

3) The Company that made and owns Murderbot is an insurance company. It's a heavily armed insurance company, but it basically sells insurance.

I was going to do more, but the city is suddenly outside digging up my street! Uh oh.
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