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Monday Stuff and Hugo Noms

Nominations for the Hugo Awards are open now. If you're a member of the 2019 WorldCon (in Dublin, Ireland) or were a member of the 2018 WorldCon (San Jose, California, USA) you can nominate. If you haven't gotten your nomination link from the convention yet, you have to contact the committee directly. Due to EU regulations, they aren't able to send you email without your permission first.

If you're eligible to nominate, please do. Having a wide range of nominations helps keep the awards reflective of the wide range of great work that was published last year.

The SF/F news site File770 collects links and recommendations for various categories here:

The only things I had out that were eligible were the three Murderbot Diaries novellas: Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol, and Exit Strategy. They're eligible in the Best Novella category. (And If you decide you want to nominate one, Exit Strategy might be the best choice.)

The Murderbot Diaries are not eligible for the Best Series category. (It doesn't meet the word count requirement.)

More info:


We had a friend come visit this weekend and mostly ate and watched movies. We saw Crazy Rich Asians and Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse, and I'd seen both before but they really reward repeat viewing, especially Spiderverse, which I think is a perfect little jewel of a movie. When you already know what's going to happen, you have a lot more time to really absorb all the cool detail and foreshadowing.

Saturday night we went to the historic downtown area which the city has been working on for years. When I first moved here to go to college, it was basically a few streets worth of collapsing buildings. Now it's mostly restored, with a lot of businesses, shops, restaurants, offices. The big restored hotel has opened a room in the basement and runs it like an old Speakeasy. It's only open on certain times on the weekend and so Saturday night we went to see if we could get in.

There's no sign, you have to ask at the front desk how to get down to the basement. Then there's still no sign so you wander around trying to figure out where the music is coming from until you find the door with the big square old-fashioned peephole that slides open (protected by an iron grill). We knocked, but not loud enough. We're standing there trying to figure out what to do and then a door opens behind us and a guy comes down the hall and says, "You have to knock louder" and bangs on the door. My husband recognized him as the mayor. (The real mayor, not a pretend roleplay speakeasy mayor.) So the door opens and it's very dark and all the staff are in 30s costumes and there's a bunch of people drinking and talking on couches. (I suspect it was too clean and friendly and relaxed to be much like a real speakeasy, but it did look like one.) And some cops (real ones) showed up briefly and left. When I went to the bar to get drinks, the bartenders were complaining that it was hard to roleplay a speakeasy with the mayor and cops wandering in and out.

Anyway, that was our weekend.
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I am ridiculously delighted at your story of that "speakeasy", and the bartender complaining about the mayor being there. :D

Good luck with the Hugo noms!
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[personal profile] lizziebelle 2019-01-15 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
We have a speakeasy in the back of the ice cream shop in my little town. It's awesome. To get into it, you flick on a light switch and wait for someone to open the little door in the wall.
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When I went to the bar to get drinks, the bartenders were complaining that it was hard to roleplay a speakeasy with the mayor and cops wandering in and out.

*cracks up*