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Archives Visit

Yesterday a friend came up to visit and I got us a tour of the SF/F collection at Cushing Memorial Library and Archives. We saw so much stuff, I should have taken notes, but let's see:

* A proto-SF book from I think 1640? called the "Lunar World" where the author described what he thought a spaceship trip to the Moon would look like.

* Andre Norton's portrait and her SFWA Grandmaster award.

* The boxes for my collection of letters and manuscripts, plus a bunch of our friends' collections, plus cool people's boxes like Samuel Delany's and George R.R. Martin's.

* The boxes for the media fanzine collection and the fan vid collection dvds.

* And because the rare book collection is right there, we saw a real Sumerian cuneiform tablet and got to hold it.

* We got to see (and smell) a book with 400 year old smoke trapped in its pages.

* A 1500s occult book that has an inscription to Beelzebub written in blood.

* A Coptic scroll.

* Papyrus fragments

I posted a few pictures on Twitter
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very cool
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That sounds Awesome!
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That sounds so awesome!
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Wow! Amazing stuff!
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that's so cool!
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Oh wow, very cool.
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That Coptic scroll is interesting. The Egyptian language used the Coptic alphabet from the 2nd-3rd centuries CE, but the Coptic language wasn't standardized until the 4th century. Meanwhile, use of parchment codices began in the 1st century CE, achieved parity with papyrus scrolls in the 3rd century, and supplanted papyrus scrolls by the 6th century. So the likely date of production for the Coptic scroll you saw would have likely been between 100-500 CE. (yes, I'm a papyrology nerd!)

Wondering: did the book with 400 year old smoke trapped in its pages smell as you expected? Old book + wood smoke, or more like incense?
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That's an evocative description, and an amazing experience!
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That's the magic of an archive, from the oldest to the right now.