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The electrician came today, and will come again tomorrow and possibly the day after.

She brought an amiable apprentice/helper, and installed a new plug in the bathroom after deciding it couldn't go where we thought it should because pipe (???) (old house wtf-ery, not incompetence on her part) soit got installed over an shelf and it is lovely and I have to patch and repaint the holes and that is fine.

The new outlets in the kitchen are proving to be far more exasperation than anyone expected, and I should congratulate Al for only taking a weekend for moving the one on the low wall. The stove and cabinets have to be pulled away from the wall (glad I didn't screw anything in yet!) and many holes prepared... It'll be great when it's done - there will be plugs everywhere, and also LIGHT! I have been cooking for the last 20 years in my own shadow, I had to turn on the bathroom light to get any light on the stove, now there will be a FAN and TWO LIGHTS and also MOAR LIGHT under the upper cabinets and I am delirious with anticipation.

I'm still feeling aimless and exasperated, but much less than recently.


Feb. 19th, 2019 02:29 pm
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It's official! As usual, I can't get the photos to embed so you'll have to follow the link if you're curious. :-)
GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! Say hello to Catherine Lundoff, another one of our FABULOUS Multiverse guests this year!

Lundoff is an award-winning writer, editor and publisher from Minneapolis where she lives with her wife, bookbinder Jana Pullman, and the cats who own them. She is the author of over 100 published short stories and essays. Her books include Silver Moon, Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories and, as editor, the fantastical pirate fiction anthology, Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space). In addition, she is the publisher at Queen of Swords Press, a genre fiction publisher specializing in fiction from out of this world. Websites: http://www.catherinelundoff.net/ and http://www.queenofswordspress.com/

That was certainly a few days.

Feb. 19th, 2019 02:21 pm
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I heard the world premiere of Greg Brown's "Fall and Decline," which I really enjoyed, but oh my goodness The Rotunda is probably made of nothing but antique dust. I had a lovely walk home afterwards with Camille, who accompanied me.

Saturday morning, I learned a college friend had passed away the day before, from cancer. She was 46, and we knew it was coming, but not so soon (it is always too soon). She was a very sunny person and much beloved, and it hurts to see the suffering of those who were closer to her than I was. She was a writer, and a good one, and I mourn for her work that might have been as well as for her.

I skipped the Sunday concert I'd planned to attend in favor of being sad and doing very little along with [personal profile] drinkingcocoa, and then camping out on the couch with Ms. 10's legs in my lap. She's started to get taller recently.

Monday, I woke up with an irritated throat and a massive feeling of I Can't. So I called in sick, and seem to actually be sick, because I slept on and off, mostly on, until 2:00 pm, and still slept the night through. I came into dayjob today to clear things out before potential terrible weather tomorrow, and because I didn't want to stare into space at home. My ears are stuffed up; my head isn't too bad, and my throat feels a bit better. I might go to rehearsal, and decide if I can sing when I get there. I mean, I can sing, but the question is whether I should do so, or just take notes.

Raven Tower Giveaways!

Feb. 19th, 2019 12:43 pm
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The Raven Tower is out next week!

And Orbit is running some cool giveaways! Copies of The Raven Tower, and some cool swag!

There's an Orbit Loot giveaway here, that runs until the 28th, and a Goodreads giveaway that runs till the 25th! And keep an eye on Orbit's Instagram for another chance to win!

In the meantime, if you haven't already, check out this excerpt, and this sample from the audiobook read by the always awesome Adjoa Andoh!

And if you're into the fanworks thing, check out the various days in this Raven Tower release event! I'm looking forward to seeing what cool stuff the participants come up with! My readers are awesome.

Posted elswhere

Feb. 19th, 2019 09:24 am
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Over at [community profile] easycotroopers: Fun with history!
About period queer history reading for Band of Brothers fandom.

Over at [community profile] babylon5_love: Day 15 - Meta - Statistically Speaking: The Women of Babylon 5
About gender representation on Babylon 5 and behind the camera. (This is a repost of an older meta post, but there's new stuff in comments.)

New Books for Tuesday

Feb. 19th, 2019 10:19 am
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(If you've been following my book rec and new book listing posts for a while, you may have noticed this already, but while most book lists emphasize books by popular straight white men, this one emphasizes everybody else. I include books by straight white men, but in about the same percentage that other book lists include everybody else. I also try to highlight books that are less well known.)

(I only link to one retail outlet in the book's listing, but most books are available at multiple outlets, like Kobo, iBooks, international Amazons, Barnes & Noble, etc. The short stories are usually on free online magazines.)

* Novella: The Haunting of Tram Car 015 by P. Djèlí Clark
Cairo, 1912: The case started as a simple one for the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities — handling a possessed tram car.

Soon, however, Agent Hamed Nasr and his new partner Agent Onsi Youssef are exposed to a new side of Cairo stirring with suffragettes, secret societies, and sentient automatons in a race against time to protect the city from an encroaching danger that crosses the line between the magical and the mundane.

* Where Oblivion Lives by T. Frohock
Born of daimon and angel, Diago Alvarez is a being unlike all others. The embodiment of dark and light, he has witnessed the good and the horror of this world and those beyond. In the supernatural war between angels and daimons that will determine humankind’s future, Diago has chosen Los Nefilim, the sons and daughters of angels who possess the power to harness music and light.

As the forces of evil gather, Diago must locate the Key, the special chord that will unite the nefilim’s voices, giving them the power to avert the coming civil war between the Republicans and Franco’s Nationalists. Finding the Key will save Spain from plunging into darkness.

* For the Killing of Kings by Howard Andrew Jones
But when squire Elenai’s aging mentor uncovers evidence that the sword in their hall is a forgery she’s forced to flee Darassus for her life, her only ally the reckless, disillusioned Kyrkenall the archer. Framed for murder and treason, pursued by the greatest heroes of the realm, they race to recover the real sword, only to stumble into a conspiracy that leads all the way back to the Darassan queen and her secretive advisors. They must find a way to clear their names and set things right, all while dodging friends determined to kill them – and the Naor hordes, invading at last with a new and deadly weapon.

* Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen
Kin Stewart is an everyday family man: working in IT, trying to keep the spark in his marriage, struggling to connect with his teenage daughter, Miranda. But his current life is a far cry from his previous career…as a time-traveling secret agent from 2142.

Stranded in suburban San Francisco since the 1990s after a botched mission, Kin has kept his past hidden from everyone around him, despite the increasing blackouts and memory loss affecting his time-traveler’s brain. Until one afternoon, his “rescue” team arrives—eighteen years too late.

* Tides of the Titans by Thoraiya Dyer
In the quest fantasy Tides of the Titans, part of Aurealis and Ditmar Award-winning author Thoraiya Dyer's extraordinary Titan's Forest series, trees loom large as skyscrapers, mortals can be reborn as gods, and a young man travels to the far reaches of the land and beyond to unlock the Forest's hidden secrets...

Courtier, explorer, thief: Leaper is a man of many skills, but none of his talents satisfy the yearning in his heart for the Queen of Airakland, the ruler of a thunder-clashed kingdom.

Their affair is cut too short, however, when she is murdered. But who was the assassin? A political rival? The jealous king? Or, perhaps, the god of thunder who oversees them all?

* Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara
Kaylin wasn’t sent to the West March to start a war. Her mission to bring back nine Barrani might do just that, though. She traveled with a Dragon, and her presence is perceived as an act of aggression in the extremely hostile world of Barrani-Dragon politics. Internal Barrani politics are no less deadly, and Kaylin has managed—barely—to help the rescued Barrani evade both death and captivity at the hands of the Consort.

Before the unplanned “visit” to the West March, Kaylin invited the Consort to dinner. For obvious reasons, Kaylin wants to cancel dinner—forever. But the Consort is going to show up at the front door at the agreed-upon time. The fact that she tried to imprison Kaylin’s guests doesn’t matter at all…to her.

* Cicada by Shaun Tan
From the visionary Shaun Tan, an inspirational story for older picture book readers and beyond

Cicada tells the story of a hardworking little cicada who is completely unappreciated for what he does. But in the end, just when you think he's given up, he makes a transformation into something ineffably beautiful. A metaphor for growing up? A bit of inspiration for the unappreciated striver in all of us? Yes, yes, and more.

* The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo
From New York Times bestselling author Yangsze Choo, an utterly transporting novel set in 1930s colonial Malaysia, perfect for fans of Isabel Allende and Min Jin Lee. Quick-witted, ambitious Ji Lin is stuck as an apprentice dressmaker, moonlighting as a dancehall girl to help pay off her mother’s Mahjong debts. But when one of her dance partners accidentally leaves behind a gruesome souvenir, Ji Lin may finally get the adventure she has been longing for.

Eleven-year-old houseboy Ren is also on a mission, racing to fulfill his former master’s dying wish: that Ren find the man’s finger, lost years ago in an accident, and bury it with his body. Ren has 49 days to do so, or his master’s soul will wander the earth forever.

As the days tick relentlessly by, a series of unexplained deaths racks the district, along with whispers of men who turn into tigers. Ji Lin and Ren’s increasingly dangerous paths crisscross through lush plantations, hospital storage rooms, and ghostly dreamscapes.

* Snow White Learns Witchcraft by Theodora Goss
In these eight stories and twenty-three poems, World Fantasy Award winner Theodora Goss retells and recasts fairy tales by Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Oscar Wilde. Sometimes harrowing, sometimes hilarious, always lyrical, the works gathered in Snow White Learns Witchcraft re-center and empower the women at the heart of these timeless narratives. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Grand Master Jane Yolen, in her introduction, proclaims that Goss “transposes, transforms, and transcends times, eras, and old tales with ease. But also there is a core of tough magic that runs through all her pieces like a river through Faerie . . . I am ready to reread some of my new favorites.”

* Preorder Escaping Exodus by Nicky Drayden
Earth is a distant memory. Habitable extrasolar planets are still out of reach. For generations, humanity has been clinging to survival by establishing colonies within enormous vacuum-breathing space beasts and mining their resources to the point of depletion.

Rash, dreamy, and unconventional, Seske Kaleigh should be preparing for her future role as clan leader, but her people have just culled their latest beast, and she’s eager to find the cause of the violent tremors plaguing their new home. Defying social barriers, Seske teams up with her best friend, a beast worker, and ventures into restricted areas for answers to end the mounting fear and rumors. Instead, they discover grim truths about the price of life in the void.

* Preorder The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad
Fatima lives in the city of Noor, a thriving stop along the Silk Road. There the music of myriad languages fills the air, and people of all faiths weave their lives together. However, the city bears scars of its recent past, when the chaotic tribe of Shayateen djinn slaughtered its entire population -- except for Fatima and two other humans. Now ruled by a new maharajah, Noor is protected from the Shayateen by the Ifrit, djinn of order and reason, and by their commander, Zulfikar.

But when one of the most potent of the Ifrit dies, Fatima is changed in ways she cannot fathom, ways that scare even those who love her. Oud in hand, Fatima is drawn into the intrigues of the maharajah and his sister, the affairs of Zulfikar and the djinn, and the dangers of a magical battlefield.

* A People's Future of the United States edited by Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams
In these tumultuous times, in our deeply divided country, many people are angry, frightened, and hurting. Knowing that imagining a brighter tomorrow has always been an act of resistance, editors Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams invited an extraordinarily talented group of writers to share stories that explore new forms of freedom, love, and justice. They asked for narratives that would challenge oppressive American myths, release us from the chokehold of our history, and give us new futures to believe in.

* Fog Season by Patrice Sarath
After the shocking events of last summer, the high society of Port Saint Frey has plenty to gossip about. Who was the Gentleman Bandit? Why hasn't he been captured? And what really happened that night when the Guildmaster disappeared? When the Guild hires Abel Fresnel, a detective with special powers of his own, to find the answers, Tesara and Yvienne Mederos have to avoid his probing questions and keep mum about their role in the events of that dark night. Everything's more or less under control until a dead man turns up in the dumbwaiter...

* The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday by Saad Z. Hossain
When the djinn king Melek Ahmar wakes up after millennia of imprisoned slumber, he finds a world vastly different from what he remembers. Arrogant and bombastic, he comes down the mountain expecting an easy conquest: the wealthy, spectacular city state of Kathmandu, ruled by the all-knowing, all-seeing tyrant AI Karma. To his surprise, he finds that Kathmandu is a cut-price paradise, where citizens want for nothing and even the dregs of society are distinctly unwilling to revolt.

Everyone seems happy, except for the old Gurkha soldier Bhan Gurung. Knife saint, recidivist, and mass murderer, he is an exile from Kathmandu, pursuing a forty-year-old vendetta that leads to the very heart of Karma. Pushed and prodded by Gurung, Melek Ahmer finds himself in ever deeper conflicts, until they finally face off against Karma and her forces. In the upheaval that follows, old crimes will come to light and the city itself will be forced to change.

* Dreams of the Dark Sky by Tina LeCount Myers
The war between men and immortals that raged across the frozen Northland of Davvieana has ended. For men, the balance of power between Believer and Brethren, between honoring the gods and honoring the sword, has shifted to favor priests over Hunters.
But it is the legacy of one man’s love for his son that shapes the lives of all who survived.
While Irjan, the once-legendary immortal hunter, has saved his son’s life, he cannot save Marnej from the men who will make him a killer, nor can he save the immortal girl he’d promised to protect from the secret of her birth.
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In honor of only two days of work this week as Holiday!Monday and Escapade Starts Thursday, I've been contemplating the more esoteric parts of my career, or more specifically, my least favorite part.

For those who don't know, I'm a Quality Control/Quality Analyst; my formal title is System Analyst IV, my job description is program testing, primarily, UAT, aka 'User Acceptance Testing' but have done and will do everything from unit testing to testing live in production literally during and after deployment. UAT is the last line of defense before a program is released in production, and our job is to break it with only the tools and general knowledge available to the average user of this program aka Everyman.

And when I say 'the program', that refers not just to 'one single program' but 'an entire program ecosystem that all work together to do shit'. We call the latter Integration Testing, which combines 'so breathtakingly boring even death avoids you when you have to do it' with 'astronomically high stakes'. For System Integration is literally repeating all your tests on those same damn programs (sometimes you're on your fifth repetition and resent key parts of the alphabet) but now while all programs are connected to each other.

In general, if there are problems, they're tiny; earlier testing of the individual parts of a program and then the program itself should have and generally does catch everything with a realistic chance of happening, quite a bit that realistically won't but possibly could, and some that is technically impossible but when you were on repetition three of the same set of ten to twenty goddamn tests, dev was naturally the target best suited to share your suffering. At that point, they were so goddamn tired of seeing your name on defects they didn't care if it was possible this situation would ever occur, they'd code as if it would happen every day just to avoid how rejection at end of business day inevitably meant that the first thing they'd see in their inbox the next morning would be a gratingly cheerful email that included an essay (and references) on why the defect was not only very possible but could cause the apocalypse if not fixed like right now please, sometimes with malice aforethought in thirteen point Comic Sans.

But I digress.

stress is both a constant and a variable )

...yes, I am doing integration testing this week. How'd you guess?


Feb. 18th, 2019 06:10 pm
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You know, I love fandom.

Case in point: there are 147 stories on AO3 using the "The problem of Susan" tag.

That's pretty awesome.


In other news, I went for a lovely long muddy hilly hike this morning, then took a nap, then baked oatmeal cookies. And now I'm off to chorus practice. Tomorrow I'm back to work, bah, but at least it's a short week.


Feb. 18th, 2019 12:26 pm
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For people interested in home improvement stuff, here's the before and after pictures of the painting I did this weekend: https://twitter.com/marthawells1/status/1097174389886455808

(no subject)

Feb. 18th, 2019 01:06 pm
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I am inhabiting a truly pissy mood for no reason I can fathom, unless it has to do with my inability to move forward on any of the house projects because I am waiting on pieces or people, and I am feeling incapable of working in my studio (also it feels deeply pretentious calling it a studio at all, it is a work room, where  I sometimes work) until I get the house stuff squared away, and I have to go buy groceries or we;ll starve. I cooked some of the last stuff out of the freezer last night and it was mediocre. But hey - tons more room in the freezer now! 

ok so maybe the mood has to do with the general unfinishedness of the house projects and my inability to move on any of them, and what I should do is feed myself and acquire groceries.

Still winter

Feb. 18th, 2019 09:36 am
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Life has been pretty uneventful lately, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Especially in winter. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel; the willows are turning that yellowish color, and all the winter merchandise has gone on clearance in the stores. Hey, I bought a pair of $70 boots for $30, I know how to work the sales. All those years in retail haven't entirely gone to waste.

That handsome fella above is Izzie, my friends' cat. I was kitty sitting earlier this month, and as he and his sister were starved for attention, I got followed everywhere. Even to the bathroom. Silly beasts.

I'm making tentative plans for a possible trip to California. I have never been there, and an old friend extended an invitation to stay with him in L.A. last time he was visiting. And I know a couple of folks from here who live there, too. So I'll investigate fares, check with my friend for possible dates, and hope for the best. My niece, and my bro & sis-in-law, all visited there last year, and it's one of those places (like New York or D.C.) that I've seen on TV and in movies all my life. I have a list of places I want to see. If you've been, what were your favorite places?

Not really AFK

Feb. 18th, 2019 07:16 am
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I'm heading up to another station until Friday, so will be less at K, I guess.

Had another whack at the More Joy Day prompts (hello a month late), and wrote: due South drabble: The Doughnaughts of Chicago

I'll try to get the rest done while I'm on the Island of Less Internet.

Randomly: I still need an icon that says "YES HOMO!" in big block text, and possibly one that says "QUEER" with rainbow sparkles.
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[personal profile] nenya_kanadka posted: Day 17 - Crafts - Delenn sock doll
She is about 8" or 10" tall; her body is made from a white crew sock that I dyed with tea. Her hair is yarn and so is her crest--I actually had no idea how I was going to make the crest until Mucca suggested crocheting it. I think it worked fairly well.

She is VERY cuddly. :D

Click through for adorable sockdoll.

LA - all the food

Feb. 17th, 2019 10:51 pm
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So weird question: I've googled but I also want input. What grocery stores are near LAX/Embassy Suites and have a very wide selection of fruit? Like, little as I like it, when I can't get to Central Market I have to resort to Whole Foods for my cotton candy grapes and peach and apricot and berry needs and Whole Foods is like an hour by bus from the hotel unless I can kidnap someone with a car which isn't out of the question but I'm pretty sure that would make a terrible impression on congoers.

IF you don't know what cotton candy grapes are, I am so excited to show you: The Grapery - I've also glutted on the Moon Drops, Tear Drops, and--I think--Gum Drops (not sure) and they're all like how you fantasize grapes are in Narnia or Fillory or something. I'm not kidding; I've been dealing...uh, giving them to people for like ten years now and they never believe me and their expressions at the first bite...and then it's super high grocery bills and no grape regret.

(Cotton Candy Grapes taste like Cotton Candy; Moon Drops are a somewhat like condensed Welch's Grape Juice (I mean when its' still a frozen concentrate) but a little less strong, Tear Drops are lightly sweet and just cool looking, I don't remember Gum Drops which is why I'm not entirely sure I tried those.)

To assure me and [personal profile] aerialiste don't blow our budget on restaurant food, to facilitate convenient snacking, to better have actual, literal meals so we don't die of starvation or scurvy or collapse of dehydration, and because I generally feel better when I have fruit and healthy snacks on hand (therefore feel no guilt when splurging on triple chocolate double brownie somethings, I'm not picky on the 'somethings', multiple), me and [personal profile] aerialiste are going shopping on Thursday for food, and by the way, anyone who wants to join us and is around the hotel, feel free to come!

(Not gonna lie, also to pick up toothpaste, toothbrush, and/or probably a bath poof and deodorant and maybe shower gel?; I have this weird ability to pack them and two or more will vanish the second I get on the plane and back into my bathroom. My superpower is to forever be an improvident traveler.)


Feb. 18th, 2019 12:47 am
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I just did some flist maintenance, and hopefully I haven't clicked any wrong tickyboxes, but just in case I've accidentally defriended you/taken away your access, let me know so I can fix it! It was definitely not deliberate.
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Oooh, the signal-boost thing works for AO3 collections, too. I edited this a bit to get rid of the "profile" and "join" links that got included because I also wanted the collection icon, but other than that, totally straightforward.

Wayback Exchange 2019 | Archive of Our Own

Wayback Exchange 2019

The Wayback Exchange is a fanfiction exchange for all those old canons you loved back in the day. Nostalgia's trendy now! Get with it!

This gift exchange is focused only on canons that are more than 10 years old. That means that for the 2019 round, the only canons eligible will be ones with no new material published or released after December 31, 2009.


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