Caringbridge for Vonda N. McIntyre

Feb. 23rd, 2019 10:28 pm
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Vonda spent much of Seattle's snow week at Swedish Hospital with jaundice and some vertigo, having many tests. The test results are in now, and the news is not good. The diagnosis is inoperable metastatic pancreatic cancer. Her doctor said it isn't stupid to hope for a year, but it could be less. She'll probably be getting treatment that may or may not slow things down, no way to know for sure.

More here.


Feb. 23rd, 2019 08:45 pm
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General Shuos Jedao (ghost): Thank you for the light.

I killed a Faber-Castell black brush marker doing this and spent a great deal of time regretting my life decisions. Joe asked why I didn't just start with black paper and draw in white ink. The first answer is that because I'm a dumbass and we didn't have any black paper that wasn't terrible construction paper that Ara uses for school projects. But the second answer is that it's hard to find a really good, opaque white ink--Deleter 4 white is the best I have (I have never met a gel pen or white ink marker that matches it) and it's gloopy, which makes accurate brushwork and brush lettering very tricky. So the brightest whites I can achieve are by simply leaving the paper blank. :]

Now that I've gotten this out of my system, I can do something productive tomorrow?

Thanks again to [personal profile] eller for the markers! (I need to restock tomorrow ahahahaha.)
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[community profile] historium posted: Historium Commentfest 2019
* All historical fandoms, fictional and RPF are welcome. (For the purposes of the commentfest, "history" will include anything up to the 1970s, but not anything set in 1980s or after. /draws arbitrary line with apologies)

The Whirling Ways of Stars That Pass

Feb. 23rd, 2019 05:44 pm
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This is by far the most luxe Tarot-adjacent object that I have ever purchased (although not the most expensive). It is not actually all that functional for divination, but damn is it pretty. [personal profile] kate_nepveu alerted me of this Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood/manga)-themed fanart Major Arcana Tarot a while back, and I was so desperate to own it based on the sample art online that I signed up for a Japanese item-ordering proxy service to order it. I wasn't sure if it would ever arrive, but it did!

This is the box the deck and booklet arrive in:

It's made of heavy cardboard, and while it's hard to tell in the phone pic, that's gold and holographic foil.

Once you open it up, here's the deck:

And behind the deck is an accordion-style booklet:

To my astonishment, the booklet contains not only the art of the Major Arcana but the artist's thought processes in selecting the characters for each card in three languages: Chinese (I can't tell whether this is regular or Simplified or something else), English, and Japanese. I had originally been resigned to not being able to read the text...!

As to why this deck, despite the most fabulous production values I have ever seen, is not great for divination: the deck backs are alternatingly white or black. (They're also not reversible, if you care about that.) Also, the cardstock is thick--a full 1 mm thick and heavy material, which makes it hard to shuffle. This is really an art collectible more than a functioning deck. But I love the art and I don't care.

Deck interview using this spread [Fool's Journey]:

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
III The Empress
Olivier Mira Armstrong
The feminine as nurturing, abundance, strength in contradiction.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
II The High Priestess
Riza Hawkeye
Intuition. Sacred knowledge. The divine feminine. The subconscious.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
XIX The Sun
Edward Elric
Positivity, fun, warmth, success, vitality.

4. What are you here to teach me?
XVIII The Moon
Alphonse Elric
Illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
I The Magician
Roy Mustang
[I find it pleasing that Roy showed up below Riza on the spread.]
Manifestation. Resourcefulness, power, inspired action.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
VI The Lovers
Winry Rockbell
Love, harmony, relationships, values alignment, choices.

BONUS: If anyone wants a three-card reading (general reading or a question that does not involve money) for entertainment purposes, I'm happy to do it for the first four people who drop a comment. (Reading #1, which I will drop in a comment below, is for [personal profile] kate_nepveu!)

I forgot--for ordering early, I got a lanyard and a tote bag too!

Dear Wayback Exchange Creator...

Feb. 23rd, 2019 02:43 pm
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Hi, so, I normally do fic exchanges, so I know I went overboard on the fic part and underwhelmed on the podfic/art end. I do genuinely want any of the three, and I'm hoping my random rambling will help with all three. I've also asked [ profile] slodwick to be available for consult as needed: she was with me through most of these fandoms and she's waaaay smarter about fanart & podfic than I am and knows my tastes.

Oh! Any rating is fine, I never remember to say that.

Highlander: Richie/Methos, Richie/Nick Wolfe, just Richie, Richie/Amanda )

Sports Night: Dan/Casey )

due South: Fraser/Kowalski )

SGA: John/Rodney or Ronon/Jennifer )

Women's Murder Club: Lindsey/Cindy )

Read more... )

1918-1919 Flu Pandemic thoughts

Feb. 23rd, 2019 02:00 pm
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After reading [personal profile] siderea 's epic recap of the flu pandemic in Boston a century ago, I found this piece in Slate an interesting read, in part because of the contrast between the responses of doctors and nurses to the sickness, the patients, and the carnage. Doctors were abruptly not the heroes of the story, while attention shifted to nursing and nurses, an the effort they were expending. The idea that caretaking is what women do naturally is wrapped into nursing, but reading about nurses' personal responses to the pandemic shows they felt they were doing important work, and developing professionally, in ways that were exciting even as they were at odds with the experiences of the rest of the country.

What was the name of the movie

Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:33 pm
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Where it turned out the diverse, talented team just needed a mediocre white dude to pull them together?

Chocolate Box!

Feb. 23rd, 2019 11:37 am
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I lucked out and got two stories, which was unexpected and entirely lovely. ♥♥♥

Angles and Curves (536 words) by [ profile] SLWalker
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: due South
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Vecchio
Additional Tags: Slice of Life, idyll, Yearning, Gen or Pre-Slash

On a cold Chicago day, Fraser reflects on both of the worlds he knows.

Lower Your Voice (678 words) by [ profile] dragons_and_angels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: MASH (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: "Trapper" John McIntyre/Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
Characters: "Trapper" John McIntyre, Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
Additional Tags: Voice Kink, Episode Tag, Germ Warfare, Treat Fic, Chocolate Box Exchange, Infidelity Mention

Hawkeye persuades Frank to drink the beer in 'Germ Warfare' but across the tent, Trapper is getting other ideas.

And I wrote one:

Peace even in the storm (2000 words) by Arduinna
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Dead Zone (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Bruce Lewis/Walt Bannerman
Characters: Bruce Lewis, Walt Bannerman
Additional Tags: Snowed In, Huddling For Warmth, First Kiss, First Time

"Strip," Walt said, turning back to the wood and sorting out a few pieces that he hoped would catch quickly.

"'Scuse me?"

"I said strip." Walt looked at him again. "Look, there's no way this wood gets this cabin warm enough to dry out you and your clothes at the same time. The only way you're getting warm again is without wet clothes on. So strip."

This is a rarepair that had never even occurred to me, which usually means there's no way I'll sign up to write a thing, but I had a little headtilt moment when I saw it in the tagset and thought I'd risk it. I had a lot of fun revisiting canon, and turns out these two are a lot of fun to write together. <3

In summary: Chocolate Box was a lot of fun! Glad I played, will play again.

[sketches &c.]

Feb. 22nd, 2019 11:44 pm
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Thanks again to [personal profile] eller for the markers, which have given me the gift of paying more attention to values! XD

Today's Starfinder session was very productive for drawing! I have been playing with the idea of doing a small hexarchate art zine so I figured why not take a stab at some art.

Calendrical rot.

I have to thank (a) The Non-Designer's Design Book (especially the material on alignment) and (b) Jay Edidin for helping me think about ways to incorporate text into art. Jay pointed out to me (when I admired his hand lettering, which is amazing) that since I draw, hand lettering is basically drawing letterforms. Which sounds really obvious put that way but I hadn't thought of it!

This second one I penciled during the game session and finished inking at home:

Captain Kel Cheris: The war never ends.

For lagniappe, here are some sketches of [personal profile] telophase's cat Nefer. Drawing her was an interesting challenge because the only cat I draw regularly is Cloud, who is quite differently proportioned. Cloud has a large-ish wedge-shaped head and a short tail with a kink in the end (probably from an injury, the vet tells us), while Nefer has a small head, a long body, and a longer tail proportionally.

Plus assorted other sketches (man) behind cut: Read more... )
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I mean, every fandom has the person who not only has the problematic fave, but decides to justify their faving by PROVING that their fave has done nothing wrong in canon at all ever.

Like there's that Londo Mollari fan over on tumblr who thinks his actions were all flawless, and will yell at anyone who posts negative stuff about Londo, and that's like normal fan weirdness to me (at least on tumblr). It gets a bit more disturbing with the RPF people who try to PROVE their faves aren't, for example, rapist douchebags (instead of just either changing ships or declaring an AU and moving on), but again, this is my expected subset of a little too obsessed fandom behaviour. I throw up a minor "Do not engage" warning note, and move on.

But Babylon 5 fandom, if nothing else, we've got pure verbiage over everyone else.

For example, there's someone on AO3 who has written 320,102 words and counting of apologia for the Psi Corps, more or less to the tune of all canon which says the Corps is in any way problematic is mundane propaganda, and really the Corps is perfect and a great place to grow up, and the mundanes need to stop oppressing the poor teeps. This person, at the very least, has the good sense to keep their 320k of gaslighting that secret police are good and just, and Bester did nothing wrong in their own space, mostly. (The author apparently also picks fights on tumblr, but I've stayed out of the B5 corners of tumblr since the last Marcus/Susan v. Susan/Talia ship war).

So it's not like I'm surprised by today's adventure, but holy shit, someone just posted a 33-comment essay clocking in at 20,668 words (when I tried to count them on open office, the program crashed), about how the Minbari Warrior Caste did nothing wrong, and the Earth-Minbari War 100% wasn't attempted genocide in any way, and even if it was the humans had it coming. Then invoked long canon citations and statistics about the Holocaust to prove it. This was not on my fic, but on some random other person writing Naroon fic who wasn't even being critical of Naroon, just writing him in a canon compliant fashion. To which I only say: What. The. Fuck!?

Babylon 5 fandom needs another hobby besides Babylon 5 fandom.

That explains that.

Feb. 22nd, 2019 03:21 pm
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I figured out why I wasn't getting comments. It's because somehow my email notifications of comments got disabled.

Reading comments and replying now! So now a bunch of you will get inexplicable responses to queries you had long forgotten about.

*inarticulate babbling*

Feb. 22nd, 2019 01:38 am
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[personal profile] aerialiste trapped in plane limbo somewhere circa Dallas-ish, I am alone in the hotel--ALONE ALL ALONE LIKE A PERSON WHO IS ALONE--and finally watched Magicians ep 5 and HOLY SHIT THAT HAPPENED.


...seriously, this wasn't like--a mass hallucination, right? This happened for realsies in canon and not like...happened?

Yeah, I had a hamburger, bad coffee, and no bottle opener which is super inconvenient and I don't even care because YES.

(no subject)

Feb. 21st, 2019 11:03 pm
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I have to thank all y'all for the positive reinforcement about exactly how hilarious "level 8 meditation" is, because it is nice to have company here. 


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Seems like I lose an AO3 subscriber every time I post a fic these days. I apologise for not being all things to all women.

I am, however, very much heartened by the strong response to the Chocolate Box Exchange mods' question of whether they should screen nominations of RPF and orig fic pairings for things "in poor taste" which has so far been fifty some comments going "NO!" (with a few adding that modern day serial killer/victim might be screened, but not anything else). After seeing everyone from most of what's left of tumblr to some corners of fan studies calling for some kind of AO3 censorship, it's pretty nice to see that the exchange community at large thinks that's Not On.

[community profile] hmsloop_hotspur: New Hornblower comm for all media types. Just starting out.

PBS History Detectives: Diana
This book came out in 1939 with this note: "The publishers wish it expressly understood that this is a true story, the first of its kind ever offered to the general reading public."

Experts call this book groundbreaking as one of the first works of gay literature with a happy ending.

History Detectives sets out to find the author. Who is Diana Fredericks? And is this story true?

LitHub: When the Highest Paid Hollywood Director Was a Woman by Sasha Archibald: Unforgetting Lois Weber, Master of the Silent Film Era
While women reviewers heaped praise on the marriage films, men did the opposite. The reviews were so obviously gendered that Weber incorporated the dissonance into a special advertising campaign, setting quotes by male and female critics side by side. It was a way of winking at her audience: I’m making films about relationships. Men don’t like them, but you will.

Hakai Magazine: Tribes Use Western and Indigenous Science to Prepare for Climate Change by Erica Gies
Northwestern tribes and the University of Washington climate group have joined forces to help protect salmon, roots, trees, and other important resources.

Youtube: Monteverdi's 1610 Vespers (Vespro della Beata Vergine) directed by John Eliot Gardiner in the Palace of Versailles

Sunrise this morning. I live in a Roy Henry Vickers painting.

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