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My schedule for ConDFW this weekend:


Saturday, 11am: Don’t Feed the Inner Gremlins!
Panelists: Martha Wells (M), Larry Atchley Jr., Seth Skorkowsky, Dantzel Cherry, Scott Cupp, Paul Black
It’s late at night. You have a deadline looming, and all you can think about is ooh squirrel! How do you keep on track and stay focused? How do you keep those inner gremlins at bay? Our resident writers and artists talk about ways they use to keep on task, and things to avoid – like feeding the gremlins after midnight!

Saturday, 1pm: The Logistics of Space Travel
Panelists: Chris Donahue (M), T.M. Hunter, Adrian Simmons, Martha Wells, William C. Seigler, Karl K. Gallagher
It’s easy to dream about flying between the stars. But what do you need to stock to be able to make it back home? Somehow I think crates of MREs will get old after a while... Our panelists debate what is needed to travel the stars in traditional Space Opera...and what needs to be included when writing about it.

Saturday, 3pm:
Carole Nelson Douglas, Martha Wells

Saturday, 4pm: A Flat Perspective: Looking Back at the Discworld
Panelists: Mel White (M), Chris Donahue, Martha Wells, Teresa Patterson, Michael Ashleigh Finn
The last book is published, and the pen is put down. Left by Sir Pratchett’s departure is a myriad of books in multiple universes, but his most famous and enduring legacy will always be the Discworld. Our panelists talk about how this unique take on life has changed the world for the better.

Saturday, 6pm:
Dusty Rainbolt, Martha Wells


Feb. 3rd, 2016 08:02 am
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I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas, Texas, on February 12-14. This is a great con, and this year the guests of honor are Seanan McGuire and John Scalzi.

Here's my schedule:


READING (ADAMS) Friday, 6pm: Tex Thompson, Martha Wells
(I'll be reading from The Edge of Worlds)


PROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Saturday, 12pm:
Creating your Fantasy Hero
Panelists: Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), C. Dean Andersson, Tracy S. Morris, Martha Wells, Bradley H. Sinor, J. Kathleen Cheney
There are many stereotypes of hero out there in Epic Fantasy. The brawny barbarian, the wise wizard, the crafty thief and the pious cleric are all choices. Which hero fits your world that you have built? Or do you want to go counter ‐ trope and build something against the norm? We’ve put together the brains of our fantasy authors and they will give you ideas on how to build the perfect hero for your world.

AUTOGRAPHS (THE GALLERY) Saturday, 1pm: Martha Wells, Stina Leicht, K. B. Bogen

PROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Saturday, 4pm:
Broke Down and Out of Gas... in Space
Panelists: Tex Thompson (M), Paul Abell, Martha Wells, KM Tolan, Chris Donahue, T.M. Hunter
Because even Furiosa occasionally gets a flat. Let's talk about all the fun you can have when spaceships break and flux capacitors blow – and how our favorite characters MacGyver their way back into action!


The Wand of Deus Ex Machina
Panelists: Kristi Hutson (M), Seanan McGuire, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Paul Black, Bradley H. Sinor, Martha Wells
Every hero has their emergency bag, or their special revolver, or their hellfire staff, or their wand. It’s as much of a signature as the clothes they wear, or the car they drive. Our writers talk about equipping their heroes, and why you shouldn’t skimp on describing them


Feb. 3rd, 2015 10:18 am
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The weekend of February 13-15, I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas, TX, one of my favorite conventions.

Major guests will be: Sherwood Smith and Rachel Manija Brown and the Artist Guest of Honor is Galen Dara

My schedule. For the reading I'll probably do something from the new book.

FRIDAY: AUTOGRAPHS (DEALERS ROOM) Friday, 6pm: Martha Wells, Paul Black

SATURDAY: READING (ADAMS) Saturday, 10am: K Hutson, Martha Wells

PROGRAMMING 3 (HAMILTON) Saturday, 2pm: Genres of Fantasy Explained Panelists: Larry Atchley Jr. (M), Amy Sisson, Angeline Hawkes, Martha Wells, Chris Donahue Just what is “Fantasy” any more? You have the Mythological Fantasy, “Lost World” Fantasy, Swords and Sorcery, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and any number of variations. Our authors and historians talk about the history of the fantasy genre and the reasons for its continued popularity.

MAIN PROGRAMMING (JEFFERSON) Saturday, 4pm: Animals in Science Fiction and Fantasy Panelists: Dusty Rainbolt (M), J. Kathleen Cheney, Martha Wells, Gloria Oliver, Bradley H. Sinor Fear the cute little rabbit. Hear the roar of dragons. Most of all, run really fast if you see the Cheshire Cat. Animals have been present in stories even in Viking sagas. But these cute little critters are often overlooked, and it’s time we rectified this. From David Weber’s treecats to Anne McCaffery’s dragons there are many examples of animals, intelligent or not.
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* There is an ARC giveaway for Bone Swans by C.S.E. Cooney. This is a story collection, and I got to read it ahead of time, and I said "These stories are rich original fantasy with a sharp edge, peopled by vivid engaging characters inhabiting fantastic worlds. This is a brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable collection."

* This morning I'll be mailing out the last four of my kickstarter rewards for the SixbySix project. So if you signed up for a reward of signed books from me, you should either 1) have it now 2) have it by the end of next week.

* I'm going to be a panelist at ConDFW in Dallas on February 13-15. Main guests will be Sherwood Smith, Rachel Manija Brown, and Galen Dara.

More Raksura questions:

chaseafterchance on Tumblr asked: Ok, this is a little late, but here it goes; the Abora castes. How does that work? We know that mentors get sorted out from birth, but what of the others? Do they choose when they are older, or are they forced to be in the caste of thier parents?

The other Arbora castes (hunter, teacher, soldier) are based on personal preference. They're also fluid, in that Arbora can switch between them when they feel like it. So you might have someone start out as a hunter when they're young, and switch over to teacher or soldier when they get older.

[profile] pilgrim3 asked: Will we see the Fell again? And failing that, at least get opposition as dangerous and cunning as Fell/Raksura hybrids?

Yes. :)
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I'll be at ConDFW in the Dallas area next weekend (Feb 21-23), and here's my schedule:


Friday, 5pm: Historical Warfare: Writing Realistic Combat
Panelists: Taylor Anderson, Adrian Simmons (M), J. Kathleen Cheney, Martha Wells
Do you know the difference between an arquebus and a flintlock pistol? Do you know what types of first aid were used in different times of history? What were the four humours of the body? There are many questions which can trip you up if you cover combat in historical fiction. Our authors talk about the research they’ve done and what to look out for when writing for this type of background.


Saturday, 12pm: Jaye Wells, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Martha Wells

Saturday, 2pm: The Return of Heroic Fantasy!
Panelists: C. Dean Andersson (M), Martha Wells, J. Kathleen Cheney, Chris Donahue, Christopher Fulbright
Ever wonder what George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones would be like if Conan were in it? So much for winter, by Crom! Bringing heroic fantasy back to the writing world one sword at a time, our panelists discuss how to write in this genre, and what separates it from Epic Fantasy such as Middle Earth and Westeros.

AUTOGRAPHS (Dealers Room)
Saturday, 4pm: Martha Wells, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Lou Antonelli


MAIN PROGRAMMING (Addison Lecture Hall)
Sunday, 11am: Alternate Worlds in Epic Fantasy
Panelists: Taylor Anderson, Martha Wells, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Ethan Nahte, Jeff Dawson
The RPG world of Midnight has been described as “Middle-Earth where Sauron beat up Frodo, reclaimed the One Ring, and has ruled for a hundred generations”. Taking an idea and going a different direction with it is a valuable tool to use in any epic fantasy. Our panelists discuss methods and pitfalls to watch out for.
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I'll be at ConDFW this weekend in Dallas, TX.

My schedule is:


Reading 5 pm: Martha Wells, Melanie Fletcher
I'm going to read something from Emilie and the Hollow World


Autographing 10:00 am

4 pm: Subverting Genres: Underhanded ways to change the ordinary
Panelists: Sabine Starr (M), Jo Walton, Paul Black, Jaye Wells, Martha Wells
According to TVTropes: “A subversion has two mandatory segments. First, the expectation is set up that something we have seen plenty of times before is coming, then that set-up is paid off with something else entirely. The set-up is a trope; the "something else" is the subversion.” So how can writers use this tactic to turn a genre on its head? The various ways of doing this will be discussed, unless the panel itself is subverted…

5 pm: Say That Again?: Creating a Multilingual World
Panelists: Mark Finn (M), K. Hutson Price, Jaye Wells, Rie Sheridan Rose, Martha Wells
Writers frequently make an assumption, to advance the plot or avoid exposition, that everyone in their future or fantasy settings speaks a common language. That's not always a realistic assumption, and you can get interesting conflict and thus drama when some characters don't understand other characters' language, or are in the process of learning it and understand it imperfectly, leading to miscommunications etc.
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I realized this weekend that this year will be my 20th anniversary as a published author. The Element of Fire came out 20 years ago in July, 1993. That's 20 years, twelve books out with three more on the way.

I should probably do something for it, but I'm not sure what yet.


Since Hugo PIN numbers are going out, another reminder: the Hugo Nomination period is open. The Serpent Sea and The Siren Depths are both eligible. You can nominate if you are: Members of LoneStarCon 3 and Loncon 3 (the 2014 Worldcon) who join by January 31, 2013, and all members of Chicon 7, the prior year’s Worldcon, are invited to submit nominating ballots. If you didn't get the email with your PIN, you need to email the Hugo PIN email address on the front page of the Lone Star Con site.

Places I'll be going so far this year:

February 15-17, 2013. ConDFW, in Dallas, Texas.

May 4-5, 2013. DFW Writers Conference, in Hurst, Texas.

August 29-September 2, 2013. LoneStarCon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention, in San Antonio, Texas.


Book rec: The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

Art sites: Fantasy of Color tumblr.
We're here to share art, pictures and stories of people of color in fantasy or steampunk settings.

Book rec: A post on the Booksmugglers site about The Other Half of the Sky an anthology I have a Raksura story in, which will be coming out in April.

Book rec: Hurricane Sandy Benefit Anthology
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First, congrats to all the Nebula nominees and Andre Norton Award nominees!

I've got a couple of questions answers left, and I'll do those tomorrow.

I was at ConDFW in Dallas all weekend and had a great time. In lieu of a full con report, here's a couple of pictures:

This is before the panel on being distracted while writing, with Cherie Priest, Susan Sinor, Michelle Muenzler, and me. Michael Ashleigh Finn was on it too but didn't arrive until a bit later. We were all very distracted.

This is a rare picture of me. (Rare because I don't often post them.)

This is a photo I've been meaning to post for a while and forgot. A friend was doing a project to fold 1000 paper cranes. She was collecting interesting scraps of paper to do it with, and I gave her the cut-up hardcover of Wheel of the Infinite which was sacrificed to make the ebook version (I still need to update the web site with the new links, but these are all the places where it's currently available: Barnes and Noble NookBook, Amazon Kindle, Kindle UK, Kindle De,,,, Lulu epub.)

Anyway, below is the 1001 crane, made from the cover of Wheel of the Infinite:


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