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Episode 9 in Return to Dominaria has been posted:

Only three more to go!

(Card art by Eric Deschamps)
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Return to Dominaria episode 4 is up:

This one is more of a standalone story, introducing two new characters, so if you're unfamiliar with the world and looking for a place to start, you might check this one out.
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The second chapter of Return to Dominaria is now posted:

The rest will be once a week on Wednesdays. (It was supposed to start last week, but this is like a special treat that gets us back on schedule.)
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And the first story is live:

I've been really excited and nervous about this, and grateful for the opportunity. Thanks so much to Nic Kelman, the rest of the worldbuilding and creative teams, and everybody at Wizards of the Coast!

Someone asked if this is will be understandable to people new to the Magic: the Gathering universe, and I think so. The character interactions might not have as much impact without knowing the backstory, but I think anybody who likes fantasy could give it a shot.

There are eleven more parts to the story, and a new part will be posted once a week on Wednesday. The main index of chapters will be here:
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There's a preview of the Dominaria stories I wrote here. First section will be posted tomorrow! (March 21)

And tomorrow the first section of the story will be posted here:


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