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We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival again yesterday, one last trip before it's over in a couple of weeks. We met up with two friends out there and wandered around a lot and ate a lot of food. It was hugely crowded, like a three-ring circus going on around you all the time. Lots of people wear costumes, everything from very accurate Elizabethan outfits to pieces of Halloween costumes. Lots of pirates, lots of people with wings. People pretty much wear whatever they want out there, like a comic con dialed up to 11 with lots of daytime drinking. Plus, it was barbarian weekend, so there was a lot of Conan-style outfits. And there's the Sea Devil tavern, which after a certain point in the day starts to get like one of those dangerous, scary taverns from fantasy novels, except with much better music.

Sherwood Forest Faire in February is a lot of fun too, and in a completely different way. The way the site is designed, it never seems crowded, and it's much more relaxing.
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Spent all day yesterday at Sherwood Forest Faire with friends, and we had a fabulous time. We listened to Circa Paleo (they played Irish, Middle Eastern, and Led Zeppelin songs) and David Arkenstone, I ate pasties and hummus and drank a lot of ginger chai.

Here's some photos:

This was an awesome blue fairy with fangs. This picture doesn't really get across how beautiful she was in person.

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For my post here, photos from Sherwood Forest, from before the camera died:

The Raksura claw, with my hand for scale:

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We had a great day at Sherwood Forest Faire yesterday, though it was kind of cold. After days in the 60s or lower 70s, it was in the 40s with a very chilly wind. The sun was bright all day, which helped a lot, and the site is mostly covered in trees, with more forest surrounding it, which made a good shelter from the wind most of the time. But the parking lot was out in the open and probably about ten degrees cooler than the rest of the park.

We supported small businesses to the best of our ability by buying a lot of handmade soap, some honey made in Austin, incense, a bottle of mead, and I got a new knitted hat from a weaver. Troyce also got me a big resin claw as a present for finishing the new book. I'll post a picture of it later, but my camera battery died mid-morning and it's still recharging.

One of the things I really like about this fair (beside the fact that the way the site is arranged makes crowds sort of vanish into the forest) is the food is really good. The steak-on-a-stick place cooks the steak to order, for instance. I had a beef-onion-rootabaga pastie with gravy the steak place, and a chicken kebab from the Jerusalem Cafe (which also has dolma, hummus, falafel and other tasty stuff), and tea drinks from all over the place. The best one was the spiced ginger chai from the Circa-Paleo Hookah Bar.

Weird thing: when we first got there, we saw there had been a huge accident at the gate. We couldn't quite see how it happened, just that there was a car that had been hit at high speed and pieces of it were still scattered all over the road. Then later that day, we ran into some friends and it turned out they were the ones who had been in the accident. They were coming from Austin, and making a left turn into the fair entrance, when some guy decided the line of cars must be stopped for no reason and moved into the ONCOMING TRAFFIC LANE AND TRIED TO PASS THEM ON THE LEFT. I KNOW. This was with an open right hand passing lane. He was moving at high speed and ran smack into them as they were turning, air bags deployed, the front end of the car was knocked to bits, but fortunately nobody was hurt. Also fortunately one of them was visiting from another state and they were using her rental car.

So basically it was a very lucky, lucky day all around.

After we got home we watched Dragonage: Redemption. It's a six part fantasy web series based on the game, but you don't need to know anything about the game to enjoy it. It's produced by the Knights of Good (the people who do The Guild) and stars Felcia Day. It's a sword and sorcery story with two kickass women characters, and I just wish it had been longer. I hope they do a sequel with Tallis and Nyree. (and there's a gag reel on The Guild site here below the link for episode 6.)
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This weekend we'll be going to Sherwood Forest Faire outside Austin, in Lost Pines. It's one of my favorite renfairs, and one of the two that almost burned down during the summer wild fires.


Beth Bernobich said really nice things about The Cloud Roads!


Next weekend (17-19) I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas, Texas, and my schedule is:


Panel Room 1 – Warwick
10 am – Shutting Out Distraction: How to Create a Good Workplace
Panelists: Cherie Priest, Martha Wells, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Sue Sinor, Michelle Muenzler (M)
The hardest thing to do is start your epic novel, or canvas masterpiece. But it is even harder to start when you have things distracting you – the phone, loud neighbors, or the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

11 am – Stina Leicht, Melia Dawn Newman, Martha Wells

1 pm – Ciara Gold, Martha Wells, Sue Sinor
(It's only a 20 minute reading, but I'll be doing a bit from the third Raksura book.)

Panel Room 1 – Warwick
4pm - World-Destruction 101: Destroying What You Created
Panelists: Martha Wells, Teresa Patterson (M), P.N. Elrod, Paul Black, Michelle Muenzler
It’s one thing to build a world, with fluffy bunnies and majestic unicorns. It’s another thing entirely to destroy it without losing your audience. There is a fine line between pointless destruction (which an audience dismisses) and gratuitous destruction (which may ick the audience away), and our experts at written devastation tell you where it is, how to travel it, and what details may need to be left out along the way.

Panel Room 2 - Manchester
5pm – Flying the Friendly Dirigible Skies: Steampunk Aviation
Panelists: Cherie Priest, Martha Wells, Julie Barrett, Lou Antonelli, Shanna Swendson (M)
One of the traditional views of the steampunk genre is the dirigible, or the zeppelin. In fact, it is often used to illustrate to modern audiences that they are in an alternate reality – if they see a dirigible, they know it’s not their world. For examples, look at Blade Runner (dirigible ads floating 24/7), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Zeppelins docking with the Empire State Building), etc. So, let’s fly a floating flammable gas bag and see what the future really is!
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Couple of links first:

I have a new guest post on The Night Bazaar: Readings and Signings Can Suck
When you are first starting out as a writer, doing readings and signings can suck. When you have had a career as a writer for years, doing readings and signings can still suck.

Unless you’re one of the people whose first novel hits big and becomes a bestseller, your first readings and signings are not going to be well-attended. That’s okay. Everybody (whose first books were not bestsellers, and many of those whose first books were bestsellers) has gone through/is going through the same thing. It’s only the people who think that all books are bestsellers and that every writer’s life is wine and roses and villas in Spain and vacations in Provence that are going to be scandalized by the lack of line at your spot on the signing table.

And the audiobook of The Cloud Roads is now up at Amazon here.


Yesterday we got given two free tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival, so we went! And we had a great time. The site looked beautiful (even though it almost burned down in the wildfires twice this past summer, and we're still in severe fire danger conditions) and there were a lot more small craft people and artists selling things this year.

One very neat thing, author Peter Beagle was doing a signing out there with copies of The Last Unicorn and his other work, and I got to talk to him for a minute and get a signed book. I first met him when he was a guest of honor at ApolloCon in Houston a few years ago, so it was really neat to get to see him again.

(You wouldn't think the Texas Renaissance Festival would be a great place for a book signing, but a lot of the people in costume were just the right age to grow up watching The Last Unicorn movie. We never saw the table without a group waiting in line in front of it, and there were cries of "Dude! Dude! The dude who wrote The Last Unicorn is here!!!!")

I didn't spend much money, but got a small beeswax candle (from a 100% beeswax candle maker who was new there this year), a free candle from another candle place who was handing out coupons, some hand-made herbal handlotion, and a small stocking present for a friend. I was very tempted by many handmade soaps, but the soap lady we really like goes to the Sherwood Forest fair, so we decided to wait for her. (Handmade soaps last much much longer and we still have a couple of bars from buying them last February.)

Food: organic breakfast tea, cherry limeade, a sausage kolache (the pastry and tart selection was a lot bigger this year), a chicken pot pie biscuit, and samples from a place selling olive oils and other prepared foods.

It's a huge, huge fair, and I only took a few photos, trying to concentrate on areas I haven't gotten before and new stuff, and sort of succeeded:

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We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival yesterday, since it was the first weekend and the tickets were half-price. It was a great day, sunny and not too hot. We ended up leaving in the early afternoon, since by that time everybody in the world was on their way in and it was getting hugely crowded.

([personal profile] mahoni, there was a place that had a whole trunk of stripey socks for sale. I thought of you!)

After we got back, I had the migraine/sinus headache from hell, so spent the rest of the day waiting for the medicine to kick in. It finally went away in time to watch the DVD of the new Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith. We saw it in the theater and loved it, and I wanted to see it again.

Here's some pictures from last year I don't think I ever posted:

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