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The first round of auctions at the [community profile] help_haiti fundraising community is over tomorrow, January 20. My auction for the signed hardcover of Wheel of the Infinite is here, and the high bid is currently $50.00.

The Crossed Genres Magazine Post a Free Story for Haiti page now has a section for stories in Portugese. If you read and enjoy any of the stories listed, please consider a donation for Haiti. My story is an adventure fantasy, Houses of the Dead.


Pat Rothfuss' Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International was over on January 15, and raised over $128,000, which is the total without the matching donations added in. Wow.


From Sarah Weinman's blog: author Robert B. Parker has passed away.

From Richard White at WriterBeware: An Open Letter from a Writer to New Publishers See, just as every writer does not "deserve" to be published, not every person who dreams of being a publisher deserves to hang out a shingle and call themselves such.

I just finished reading The Charm Stone by Lillian Stewart Carl, and very much enjoyed it. It's part of her modern day mystery/ghost story series with Jean Fairbairn and Alisdair Cameron, and this one takes place in Colonial Willamsburg.

And AggieCon 41 in College Station, Texas, is rapidly approaching. It'll be the weekend of February, 5-7, and I'm listed as Special Guest.
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I just posted Houses of the Dead to my web site as part of the Crossed Genres Post a Story for Haiti effort.

It was first published in Black Gate #12, July 2008. It's a Giliead and Ilias story, one of the prequel stories to the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy.
This was what the Journals didn't mention about the lives of Chosen Vessels and their companions. Ilias supposed it didn't make good poetry: And then the Vessel of Cineth Giliead and his foster brother Ilias spent the afternoon digging in the middens looking for parts of the dead girl, hoping the dogs hadn't gotten to her and that they could find enough of her to perform the rites on.

Please check out the other stories listed at Crossed Genres and consider making a donation for Haiti. There's a lot of good stories there.
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Posted Reflections to my web site. This was the first Giliead and Ilias story to appear in Black Gate, issue #10, March 2007. All these stories were prequels to the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy.

Other free fiction on my site:

Short stories: Thorns (Realms of Fantasy June 1995), Bad Medicine (Realms of Fantasy June 1997), Wolf Night (Lone Star Stories August 2006), The Forest Boy July 2009, The Potter's Daughter (Elemental May 2006), Holy Places (Black Gate #11 August 2007)

Novel: The Element of Fire The complete revised edition of the novel.

First chapters of novels:

Wheel of the Infinite
City of Bones
The Death of the Necromancer

Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary
Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement

Each book of the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy has the first five chapters posted:

Book One: The Wizard Hunters
Book Two: The Ships of Air
Book Three: The Gate of Gods
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I got a couple of questions about this, so just to clarify, The Forest Boy hasn't been published before and is new to the website, The Potter's Daughter was published in Elemental a couple of years ago and is a prequel story to The Element of Fire, and won't spoil you for that book.


I'm getting ready to go to ArmadilloCon tomorrow. There will be lots of intensive preparation which includes two loads of laundry. Okay, mostly I just have to do laundry. I'll be in the writers workshop all day Friday, but I'll be roaming free Saturday and Sunday morning. My schedule is here.
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Just posted another short story, Holy Places, to my web site. It appeared in Black Gate #11, in August 2007, and it's a prequel story to the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy. In chronological order, it's the first Giliead and Ilias story, and is about how they met as children, and the first time Ilias sees the god of Cineth.

Again, I put up a Paypal tip jar, though I still feel weird about it. If you've already donated, I really appreciate it and please don't feel obligated to donate again!

The other stories recently posted to the web site are The Potter's Daughter (from Elemental, the Tsunami Relief Anthology) and The Forest Boy (original to the web site).


[personal profile] sorka42 asked: Have you ever had an editor not like where a chapter went or ask for a rewrite? and if so how do you handle that?

I've made changes to all my books based on the editors' comments. It's usually just tweaking what's already there, like asking to tighten up a scene, add more tension, clarify something that's confusing, pare down or remove a scene that's redundant or unnecessary, along those lines. I've never had an editor want me to change anything that would fundamentally alter the story or characters, it's always been trimming or fluffing what's already in place. If an editor does ask you to change something in a way you really don't like, you should talk to her about it and try to work out a solution you can both live with.
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...but all my best icons are still on Live Journal.

Just posted The Potter's Daughter to my web site.

It's an Ile-Rien story, set before The Element of Fire, featuring Kade. It was a story I donated to Elemental: the Tsunami Relief Anthology, edited by Steve Savile and Alethea Kontis.

Thanks very much to everyone who put something in the tip jar for The Forest Boy. I still feel very awkward having the tip jar, but having a little money coming in right now feels very good.


Also available for free download: A Matter of Oaths by Helen S. Wright. It's at It was published in the UK by Methuen in 1988, and in the USA by Warner Questar in 1990, and has been out of print for a while.
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(cross-post from

I've posted a new fantasy short story to my web site here: The Forest Boy It's never been published anywhere before.

And this is a new thing I'm feeling awkward about, but I put a Paypal tip jar at the bottom of the page. Because it would be nice to have a little money coming in, which I could squander on our huge utility bills.

If this works out, I may try to do some more direct-to-the-site stories, though you may have noticed I'm not a prolific short story writer.


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