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Two things!

First, which I just found out myself, The audiobook of The Siren Depths is now available on, narrated by Christopher Kipiniak. It's just gone up on Audible, so it should be also available on Amazon and iTunes once the listing has a chance to get updated in their systems.

Second, The Death of the Necromancer is now available in ebook.

Cover designed by Tiger Bright Studios.

The Death of the Necromancer was my third novel. It came out in hardcover in 1998 from Avon Eos and later in paperback. My agent had originally offered it to Tor Books, who had published The Element of Fire and City of Bones, but after looking at the first two hundred pages, my editor at Tor turned it down. It was published by Avon and ended up on the final ballot for the 1998 Nebula Award.

It's a dark fantasy/adventure/mystery, set in the same world as The Element of Fire but a few hundred years later. Like the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy (The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, The Gate of Gods), it's a world that had gaslight and trains and was experimenting with electicity, long before steampunk was popular. I wrote it because it was the kind of book I wanted to read and couldn't find anywhere.

This is the book with Reynard, from the Don't Let Then Take Your Reynards essay. And if you've read the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, this is the book with Tremaine's parents, Nicholas and Madeline.

It did really well, but Avon Eos was eventually bought by HarperCollins, which let The Death of the Necromaner go out of print around 2002-2003, before The Wizard Hunters came out, even though the books were set in the same universe.

The first chapter is on my web site here.

It's available at Barnes and Noble NookBook, Kobo, Amazon US Kindle, Amazon UK Kindle, Barnes and Noble UK, Kindle Canada, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy, and should be DRM-free.


Dec. 7th, 2012 08:20 am
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Jack the cat Update: Jack has a bad habit of trying to attack your hand when it's on the bannister as you're walking downstairs. This feels like tiny warm hands grabbing your hand from behind. Basically I'm glad I know the house is not haunted. Also, we were watching TV after dinner on Tuesday night and he jumped up on the table and dunked his stuffed mouse in my ice tea glass.

Stupid human trick update: On Wednesday night, I was trying to cook even though I didn't feel that great, and managed to knock a spoon up and get boiling hot gravy on my hands. It didn't do any damage, just hurt enough to piss me off. So last night we had Panera for dinner.

Question: I did a Big Idea Post on Whatever on The Siren Depths and I got this question from @PrinceJvstin and wanted to go ahead and answer it here:

Got a question. Given the events in the third book, and how it ties into Moon’s origins, without spoilers, how much of the "revelations" did you have in mind when you started the Cloud Roads?

I hadn't fleshed out everything, but I knew what had happened to Moon's original court. I don't think I had worked out all the details of what happened when Sorrow left, but I knew she hadn't stolen Moon and the others kids, like Stone had suggested as a possibility at one point. I think that's about as far as I can go without spoilers.

Signing: I'm doing a signing at Murder by the Book in Houston tomorrow (Saturday) from 3:00 - 4:00 pm for their local authors day. A lot of authors will be signing throughout the day, and if you're out of town, you can use that link to order books and get them personally signed, and the store will ship them to you.

eBooks for The Siren Depths: EBooks are starting to gradually appear on Kindle and most recently on iTunes. Nookbooks are available at Barnes and Noble's UK site, but not on their US site for some reason. Some irritating, glacially slow reason. The ebook is the cheapest, and DRM-free, at the Baen Webscription eBook Store.
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This is the official release day for The Siren Depths!

This is the third book in the Books of the Raksura series.

If you've been reading this LJ for a long time, some of this is old news, but I had a career crash in about 2006. I kept writing and finished The Cloud Roads in 2008, but at that time had no idea if I would ever be able to get it or any other fantasy novel published again. I wrote about this here in this post in the Night Bazaar, about 2011, and how it was supposed to be my last year as a professional writer.

I've come a long way since then, and I'm still so relieved and grateful that I can keep doing this.

The Siren Depths FAQ and Other Stuff I Wanted to Mention:

The description, and first two sample chapters are on my web site here. Free stories set in the same world, fan art, and other extras are on the Three Worlds Compendium.

Trade Paperback: It's available at these sites: Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon US, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book (free shipping worldwide), Waterstones UK, Book, Whitcoulls NZ, Amazon UK,,,, Amazon Spain, or look for it at an independent book store in the US through IndieBound.

It may still show as up for preorder in some of the non-US sites, not sure when it will be available everywhere.

Ebook: I checked again this morning and the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and etc ebooks still aren't available. The good thing is, the ebook is available at the Baen Webscription site DRM-free, in multiple formats, at a discount of $6.00. (I linked to my author page there where The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea are also listed.)

Weirdly, the ebook is also seems to be available at the new UK site for Barnes and Noble's Nook. So I'm hoping this means it will slowly make it's way through the US system at some point soon.

Audiobook: Yes, this is supposed to be one, but I don't know yet when it'll be available. I'll post as soon as I know.

Sale: The Serpent Sea Kindle US is on sale for $1.99.

Signing: I'm doing a book signing this Saturday, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm at Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas. There will be lots of different authors there that day. If you want a signed copy of the book and can't be there, you can call the store and order one, and they'll get it signed and ship it to you.

Fan art: I've gotten some new fan art recently for the Raksura books, and it's linked on the Three Worlds page here.

Future Novels in the Series: At this point I don't know if there will be any more novels in the series with these characters. It really depends on how well the books sell. There will be four ebook novellas which I should be turning into the publisher starting next year, and at least two of them will feature Moon, Jade, and all the others.

Reviews: Reviews and recommendations are the only advertisement that most books get now. So if you like the books, please consider reccing them to your friends. Also, leaving reviews at the online retailer where you bought the book does help, especially if it's Amazon. There, it's the number of reviews that count, and until the book gets 20 reviews (bad or good or middling), the book doesn't start to show up in their recommendation system.
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It rained yesterday, and I got a lot of writing done, so that was great. And my post about my feet proved weirdly popular. Next, I'll talk about my elbows. (Not really.)

I was going to wait to do this, but the San Diego ComicCon is this week, and thousands and thousands of people are going to be there having fun without us. They'll be seeing fun panels, and buying fun stuff, and we'll just be here.


I posted a second sample chapter of The Siren Depths, the third Books of the Raksura, after The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea, due out from Night Shade Books this December: Chapter Two. (Scroll up to see chapter one.)

And after my career crash of a few years ago, I am still beyond ecstatic and grateful to have new books coming out to remind people about. That will never get old. I hope I keep having them for a long, long time.

If you missed it on Saturday, I also posted a new missing scene from The Cloud Roads with Moon and Jade.

If you want to preorder The Siren Depths, it's available at Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Amazon US, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book (free shipping worldwide), Book, Amazon UK,,, or look for it at an independent book store in the US through IndieBound.

It will also be available in ebook, including in the Baen DRM-free ebook store.

If you've read one of my books and liked (or didn't like it, that's fine too), leaving reviews on Amazon, B&N, or wherever, or on GoodReads or LibraryThing, or just talking about it to your friends or online really, really helps. Word of mouth is the only thing that really sells books. And if you look for a book at your library and they don't have it in their collection, remember that you can put in a request that they get it.

Other stuff that is current or coming soon:

My next novel after The Siren Depths will be a YA fantasy, Emilie and the Hollow World, coming out from Strange Chemistry Books in April 2013.

"Revenants" in Tales of the Emerald Serpent, edited by Scott Taylor. Out now in trade paperback: and ebook:,,,, It's also supposed to be available in Nook, but for some reason Barnes and Noble hasn't listed it yet.

"Donna Noble Saves the Universe" in Chicks Unravel Time, edited by Deborah Stanish and L.M. Myles. Due out in November, preorder at Barnes and Noble or
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I didn't do much this weekend except work, and I wasn't online a lot, so I felt very disconnected. Also, the kitten jumped on my keyboard at a strategic moment and deleted some of my email before I could see what it was or who it was from, so I felt literally disconnected. So if you sent me something I needed to answer and I didn't, that was probably it.

I've been redesigning my web site, having finally admitted that the organizational concept that worked for 3-4 books has not really been working for 6-12 books and is going to fail spectacularly at 14 books, which is what it'll be at next year. I got a bunch done this weekend, but have a lot more to go before it goes live.


The big news:

The shared world fantasy anthology I have a story in (that the editor did the kickstarter for) is now available!

Tales of the Emerald Serpent edited by Scott Taylor
Taux, city of cursed stone and home to a growing population of the displaced. Deep within its walls rests the old Ullamaliztli Stadium, and it’s fabled Black Gate, where life treads a fine line between law and chaos. Tales of the Emerald Serpent allows readers a glimpse into this shadow world as nine authors tell a shared world mosaic that sets this fantasy anthology apart from any on the shelves today.
Stories by: Julie Czerneda, Rob Mancebo, Lynn Flewelling, Harry Connolly, Juliet McKenna, Martha Wells, Michael Tousignant. Cover and art by Todd Lockwood and art by Jeff Laubenstein.

My story is about two nonhuman characters, Jelith and Kryranen, who are archeologists/pot hunters in the lower levels of the city. Here's the short bit from the beginning of the story I posted during the kickstarter drive:

Snippet of Revenants by Martha Wells )

If you signed up for the kickstarter, copies should be going out soon. But if you didn't, you can get it at these places now in ebook for about $4.99 (it should also be on B&N Nook, but the link isn't live yet.)

Trade paperback:, ebooks:,,,,


Other stuff I have coming out this year:

November: "Donna Noble Saves the Universe" in Chicks Unravel Time, edited by Deborah Stanish and L.M. Myles from Mad Norwegian Press.
Preorder at Barnes and Noble or

December: The Siren Depths the third Books of the Raksura novel from Night Shade.
Preorder: Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Amazon US, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book (free shipping worldwide), Book, Amazon UK,,,, or look for it it at an independent book store in the US through IndieBound. It will be available in a few more international outlets and in ebook, but those links aren't live yet.
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The Siren Depths, the third Books of the Raksura, (set after The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea) is up for preorder at Amazon.

The preorder price isn't there yet, and there's no hurry since the book does not come out until December, but I thought I'd let people know. (Yes, there will be an ebook but it won't be out until December when the trade paperback comes out.)

It will eventually be available for online ordering at Barnes and Noble, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book (free shipping worldwide), Waterstones UK, Book, Whitcoulls NZ, Amazon UK,,,, or look for it it at an independent book store in the US through IndieBound, and in December it will be available in person at bookstores.

The ebook will be at Baen Webscription eBook (DRM free), Barnes & Noble NookBook, Books-a-Million, Amazon US Kindle, Kobo, Waterstones UK, Whitcoulls NZ, Kindle UK, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy.

I'll post when I see more preorder options show up, but to celebrate, I thought I'd go ahead and post the first chapter as a teaser, and it is here.

And there is fan art, short stories, and missing scenes here at the Three Worlds Compendium.
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The Siren Depths (the third in the Books of the Raksura series, after The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea) is now scheduled for December 2012. It looks like you can preorder it as part of Night Shade's 50% off sale, but I think that still has a four book minimum, though it includes all the books in their catalog.


I think I'm going to try to get a new laptop this weekend. This one is still overheating and has started to make gasping noises. I'm going to get a 13 inch MacBook Pro with my husband's university discount, so hopefully we'll be able to find one in town.

I mailed off the books to the person who won them in Jim Hines' Rape Crisis Center Fundraiser drawing, so they should arrive in the next few days.

Oh, and GuysLitWire reported that the Book Drive for Ballou SR High School finished up with 175+ books sent to the school library. The wish list is still up at Powell's so people can still send books if they haven't had a chance before now. There's plenty of books still on the list. I know I said I wasn't going to send any this year but I broke down. I'm addicted to Book Fairs.

Uh, that's about it, unless you want to hear about my allergy headaches which nobody does including me. I'm hoping to have some bigger (not allergy-related) news later this month.
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Just got this today! This is the cover art for The Siren Depths, the third Raksura book, set after The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea. It's by Steve Argyle, the same artist who did The Serpent Sea art.

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The third Raksura book finally has a title: it's going to be The Siren Depths. As of now, publication date is still January or February of 2013.

Besides digging dead bushes out of my yard, I've been working on the extras section for my web site for the Raksura books. It's going to be called The Three Worlds Compendium. Among other things, it's going to have the material in the appendices in the back of the books, plus a little new material. Hopefully that will help people write fanfiction. (As I've said before, I think fanfiction for my books is awesome, I'm just not supposed to read it.) One thing I can link to from the compendium is fan art, so if anybody does some or runs across some, let me know and I'll add a link.


Con or Bust has memberships available for Lunacon, Balticon, Odyssey Con.

Juliet E. McKenna has a blog post on Darkening Skies So if Darkening Skies, the second book of The Hadrumal Crisis trilogy is published in the US on 28th February and in the UK on the 1st of March, what happens on this leap year day of 29th February?

Well, for a start, you can go and read the opening chapter, wherever you might be, over on the Solaris Editors’ Blog.

I’ve also done an interview with the Solaris chaps talking about this book and trilogy as well as what I write and read more generally.


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